Eye Injury Treatment

Eye Injury Treatment from a Marietta GA Optometrist

Eye injuries oftentimes require immediate treatment from a Marietta GA optometrist to prevent permanent vision loss. It's vital you recognize serious eye injuries to avoid complications. At East Cobb Eye Center, we offer our patients the option of emergency eye injury treatment for that reason.

eye injury treatment

Chemical Burns and Foreign Substances

Chemical burns and foreign substances in the eye like acids and alkalis require emergency treatment. If you should happen to get a substance in your eye, you should run warm water over your eye for 15 minutes. Rinsing out the chemical should remove some, if not all, of the substance, but you should contact our office for an appointment, so we can conduct an examination to prevent complications. You may place ice or a cool compress on your eye to reduce the pain and irritation before you arrive at our office.

Traumatic Iritis

Traumatic iritis occurs from an injury to the eye that causes the iris of the eye to swell. It results from a blow or poke to the eye. It could also develop from an infection such as syphilis, Lyme disease or tuberculosis. You may notice visible inflammation to the colored part of the eye, and it will hurt and possibly be sensitive to light. Your pupil may appear abnormally shaped, and your vision could become blurry. It's possible you'll experience a headache. At your appointment, we may prescribe medications to ease your discomfort and treat any infections. Prescription eye drops may be used to widen to pupils to prevent spasms, or we may use steroidal eye drops to decrease the swelling.


Hyphema describes a collection of blood in the anterior region of the eye. It stems from cancer, severe diabetes, an abnormality in a blood vessel, certain blood disorders or blunt force applied to the eye. Diagnosing the problem oftentimes requires an ultrasound, eye examination or tonometry. To correct the problem, our eye doctor will prescribe eye drops to decrease pressure in the eye if necessary. Treating the underlying problem is sometimes needed in order to prevent further complications and correct the problem. It's possible an eye doctor in Marietta will need to remove the blood from the eye.

Penetration of an Object

If anything should happen to penetrate your eye, you should seek our assistance immediately. The same applies if you have something stuck in your eye that you're unable to remove. Our optometrist will carefully remove the object. Then, we may need to take further action to prevent an infection, which consists of our optometrist prescribing an antibiotic.

Precautions to Take

If you experience trauma to your eye, it's important you never place an eye patch over it. Bacteria develop in dark places quicker. Always remember to never rub your eye and never try correcting the problem yourself. Leave it up the experts, so you're able to preserve the health of your eye and your vision.

Anytime you experience trauma to your eye, contact our Marietta GA optometrist at East Cobb Eye Center by calling 770-642-4001.

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